Press Release •  13/5/2020

Weedkor™ Gr and Loyant™ EC herbicides to be introduced to Japan’s rice growers

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New chemical class controls the main weeds infesting rice crops, including those resistant to current herbicides in the market; Rinskor™ active molecule is a part of Corteva’s innovation pipeline and winner of multiple awards for its favorable environmental profile

Tokyo, JAPAN, May 13, 2020 - Global agriculture company, Corteva Agriscience (NYSE: CTVA), has received the full registration from Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for Weedkor™ Gr and Loyant™ EC herbicides for use in rice farming.

Both herbicides contain Rinskor™ active, a new class of arylpicolinate chemistry from Corteva Agriscience offering more sustainable weed control options for rice farming. Rinskor™ active offers broad-based solution to control weeds such as grasses, broadleaves and sedges. Rinskor™ active herbicide is used all over the world in seeded and transplanted rice as well as in several other cropping systems.

Weedkor™ 1kg granular is the ready-mix rice herbicide for submerged application, which combines Rinskor™ active, penoxsulam and benzobicyclon for more robust efficacy on broader weed species. Loyant™ EC, containing Rinskor™ active, is the rice herbicide for foliar application. Both products will contribute greatly to rice farming in Japan through excellent efficacy on problematic weeds in the paddy fields. Launch of these products is expected in June 2020.

“At Corteva Agriscience, we believe that access to the latest seed and crop protection technologies and training are keys to enabling farmer success and their ability to feed a growing world population,” said Mr Shigeki Fujii, Representative Director and President, Japan, at Corteva Agriscience. “Thanks to its new mode of action, Rinskor™ active has already proven to be a much-welcomed relief against weed resistance in many markets. I am pleased we are now able to offer this solution to Japan’s rice farmers.”

Rinskor™ active is one of the new products that Corteva Agriscience is launching from its robust innovation pipeline. The two products provide farmers with a choice of applications depending on the weed spectrum. This new active ingredient provides a more sustainable weed control option due to the low environmental load and effectiveness at low use rates.

Mr Fujii further added, “When used as a part of an integrated weed management strategy, Rinskor™ active offers sustainable and environmentally-friendly long-term control over common weeds in rice. The launch of Weedkor™ Gr and Loyant™ EC herbicides is just one example of our commitment to developing technologies which offer farmers the best tools to maximize yields.”

In addition to Japan, Rinskor™ active has been approved for use in the region including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Sri Lanka. Elsewhere, it is also being used in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, Chile, Panama, Nicaragua, Turkey and some countries of European Union. Several other countries are in the process of evaluating the sale of the herbicide that has already received international recognition for its environmental and economic benefits, such as the Green Chemistry Challenge Award, given by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in the “Designing Greener Chemicals” category and the 2018 Agro Award for the best new crop protection product.

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